The final furlong….a fantastic finish!

Farewell to Rhagatt as the rain was still pouring down..and on to Dinbren where our horses had spent another wet night. Of course the sun came out on cue as we climbed back into our saddles and positively blazed down on us as we ascended the steep path to Panorama Walk. Fifi and Rose had joined us for last day and their two horses mingled happily with ours (see pic below) and together we scaled the escarpment above Dinas Bran with remarkable ease. We then discovered that Rose had recently returned from galloping up and down precipitous Caucasian mountains in Georgia… Swooped down through Trevor to reach Froncysyllte for lunch by the canal where we found Anne and her tent prepared as always for the inevitable lunchtime shower. We shared our patch of grass with several rather puzzled German canoeists and a flock of ducks. Traffic on and beside the canal was busy and provided lots of entertainment including an old couple pushing their even older cairn terrier in a child’s buggy and an elderly lady in a bonnet and an inflatable canoe setting forth across the aqueduct. Lunch was wonderfully fortifying…we swept down to yet another level and were soon beneath the aqueduct, cantering through lush pasture and up again to reach the canal on the far side..along the towpath and out onto the main road where a stream of cars and lorries traffic brought our jolly antics to an end. The next stage proved quite tricky: eight adrenaline-fuelled horses forced to squeeze along narrow pavements and under road-signs..poor Fanny was savaged by a 30mph ..and we were heartily thankful to make the Wynnstay Home Farm drive without more serious injuries. From Wynnstay to Penyllan we kept to tracks and fields and tiny roads..the sun continued to beat down upon us and we reached our final destination after a wonderful gallop..and clattered into the stable yard at 5.30 with only one slightly lame horse and a great sense of achievement! Jane, who has made it all possible was there to greet us and open up the enormous lorry for our utterly exhausted steeds to go home at last..
Tomorrow: reflections

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