Reflections on the Ride…and many grateful thanks.

We set off from Rhiwlas a week ago today and completed the Ride on Friday evening at Pen y lan as we’d planned. On Saturday Michael and I felt like pieces of old seaweed washed up on the beach…limp in the middle and desiccated around the edges. Our horses appeared to feel like us..both lying about in the field ..too tired even to graze. Most of our fellow riders were in a similar state; only the indefatigable Jane was up at 5am to prepare horses for autumn hunting. Now at last we’re back in action and the horses have recovered their sprightliness; they have danced on our lawn to celebrate. We need to celebrate too..and thank all our supporters who helped to make the Ride a reality and who have contributed so much in different ways. First of all, the families and friends who have set up Memorial and Thanksgiving Pages on the website. Then, our core riders, especially Susie who kept Richard’s bright spirit sparkling throughout..Fanny who guided and fed and stabled both horses and riders in memory of her much loved mother..Emma who bravely rode Naughty Nora and kept us well entertained, especially on our final evening at home..remembering her nephew who died so tragically early. Last but not least, Peter who came to the rescue on so many occasions and generously lent us Anne who provided us with those huge and delicious lunches every day. Next we must thank Di for giving us such an absolutely wonderful send-off from Rhiwlas and Flora who guided us Sarah, Charlie and Emmie who sustained us with suppers along the way and Alex who made room for our horses at Dinbren. And then of course.. Jane Gough Roberts without whom we’d never have managed to get horses from a to b or back again! Always there helping and supporting and making the seemingly impossible happen…the Ride Facilitator. Finally..we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Patrick Lewers who was responsible for creating and maintaining this website which will stay open for the next two months.

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